Here I am in Ghana!

Hello I am Ai, a Japanese financial planner and a matchmaker.

I traveled Ghana from 30th of last July to 10th of last August. During thoes days I and my fiance took many pictures and some videos to record our activities, I was posting our activities on Facebook timely and was trying to post Japanese blog to Japanese readers. After I backed to Japan I reviewed the travel and reported it in my magazine. I want to share you some of my experiences from thoes contents next some days.

To most of Japanese, Africa continent is very far place. It takes long hours to go from Japan, no direct flight, information about Africa is very less than Western countries and Asian countries. It was far place to me too and I had never had any chance to think of Ghana in my life until I was led to Ghana. Only one thing I know was chocolate of “GHANA”.

Ghana chocolate

People never get information positively unless they know it relates to them. I started to learn about Ghana by reading books and websites. I am a follower of some blogs of Japanese women who have married Ghanaian and lived in Ghana.

Ghana was my second country I visited in Africa. I traveled South Africa as my first country in Africa last year. It was good to me to visit South Africa before I go to Ghana because I could see each African country has each different character and is on each different development process. Many Japanese imagine that Africa is like one country with poverty and starvation because Japanese mass media had reported like that, but my point of view for Africa began to change by seeing in my eyes.

I left Hiroshima in the evening of 30/July/2013 and flied from Osaka for Accra Ghana via Dubai at that night. (This route for two ways of Emirates was the cheapest at that time, $2,700.00 USD, between Japan and Ghana. If I fly now it will cost me $2,000.00 USD.) It took 24 hours to Accra. I arrived in Accra around noon. My first day in Ghana was so funny. My fiance told me that he would pick me up in the airport, so I was expecting him to wait for me in arrival gate but I could not see him.

I called him and he said

“I am driving from Cape Cost.”


“Do you forget to pick me up?”

“No, I don’t forget. I am sorry, I had a business. I will be there and see you soon. Please stay in the restaurant in arrival gate”

I was a stranger in Ghana and became uneasy very much. I asked a resturant manager how long it takes time from Cape Cost to the airport. It would take a few hours….. anyway, I had to wait for him in the resturant. It was just before sunset when he arrived in the airport at last. When I saw him my eyes were full of tears with security.

We checked in a hotel and went out to eat dinner. He took me to a local food resturant near the hotel and ordered two roasted Tilapias and Fufu. I knew he likes roast tilapia in Ghanaian local food. I like sea food more than meat too.

My first day in Ghana began like this.





3 thoughts on “Here I am in Ghana!

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  2. Sounds like an interesting trip. Will be watching to see how it went for you. Are you planning to settle in Ghana?

    • Thank you for your comment. I like traveling. I and my fiance are building a business in Ghana but we don’t know yet whether we settle in Ghana because I have to develope my business in Japan which will be an international business too, and for our children’s education. Are you running a book store?

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