Step by step, true love need untiring efforts

Hello everyone, I am Ai Sasaki, a Japanese financial planner and a matchmaker.

It has been 8 months since the last post. I went to Ghana again last April and stayed for three weeks to work with my partner Donald. It is not easy for the private company to start a business in a developing country, however, we have still advantage for his good connections in Ghana. We forwarded one step for our business. After I backed to Japan I had to renew the business in Japan. I opened an insurance agency in my company and employed three insurance planners last August.

Donald backed to home town San Francisco in the United States at the same time and started to prepare to move to Japan with his children and his sister. We will settle our new home in Hiroshima, Japan and will become a big family! I found a big apartment for the new family near my office and went to see Hiroshima International School for his children. Now he has visited London to foward the next step for the family. Our love is growing step by step.

Where to live must be important matter for every couple. It depends on where to work.  Where to work is a financial base. It is easier to move for young age because they can still develop their career flexibly. But in modern age most men and women work as salaried worker and are managed where to work, what to do and when to work by a company so the older they grow, the harder to change their job they become. I saw many around 40’s Japanese women can not make a choice of marriage until they find a man around who can maintain his family because they want to have a baby too. Most of them are educated beautiful women. But many Japanese men exclude around 40’s women from candidate of their wife. In my idea, those around 40’s women should go to find their future husband in the world if they don’t find in Japan.

If I was a salaried worker I would be more difficult to choose international marriage. But fortunately I am an entrepreneur and have started my business as a finacial planner and a matchmaker after my career in the insurance company for 9 years and could manage my time and work by myself. Besides I could communicate in English and already knew I should invest in all over the world though I did not know yet where I invest. When Donald and I met first time, he was about to retire the military in six months and was thinking to start a business in Ghana. Ghana was his last post. He talked me about profitable investment opportunities in Ghana and proposed me to invest in Ghana. Ghana? I was not familiar to Ghana. Japanese investment intention has been toward Southeast Asia countries. There may be still attructive investment but I thought it means Japanese are already crowded in Southeast Asia and is too late to invest. Then I decided to study about Ghana and started to walk on the road to invest in Ghana with Donald’s guide. He had already found a property to invest and had an investment vision. I was attracted to his vision. We put my idea into his vision together then started to walk together. This was our beginning. Now we have companies in Japan and Ghana. He mainly manages the business in Ghana and I mainly manage the business in Japan.

It has been two years and nine months since we met. We have walked on the steep road together to build our financial base until today. I think it is good for us to experience to get over hard time together before marriage because we have to manage both the family life and the business. Lovers spend just only good time together but marriage (husband  & wife) is a unit to get over hard time with romance and hope for the future. When I was young I didn’t understand that very much. Recently Donald started to call me “Wifey” when he wrote me emails. What is Wifey??? I looked up the word in the dictionary. Wifey is a more special word to say for his woman. What word should I reply to him? And I found the word in the dictionary and replied to him “Hubby”.



International marriage and Japanese women

Hello everyone, I am Ai Sasaki, a Japanese financial planner and a matchmaker.

It has been a long time to post. I have been busy for marriage counselings since last post and I had a konkatsu seminar for single men last month. konkatsu means “activities for finding future husband/wife” in Japanese.

There are many Japanese men and women who are doing konkatsu but who want to marry a foreigner are minority. International marriage in Japan is 5%. 4% is Japanese men who got married to Asian women, mostly with Chinese, Korean and Philipino, and they met with those women through matchmaking agencies. 1% is Japanese women, most of them fall in love with a foreigner by accident and get married consequently. Sometimes I hear through my network that there are some foreigners who want to marry a Japanese woman. They work in Japan already and wish to work and live longer in Japan and have a family with Japanese woman. Work is so important. Where you work is where you live. The Japan government is not positive in immigration policy but I suppose that expat workers will increase because Japanese working age population is decreasing year by year. In fact, half of visitors for this blog are from Japan. One third visitors are from United States, third is from Ghana, and forth is from United Kingdom.

I investigated some statistics about international marriage & divorce rate in Japan to concider how I will provide international matchmaking services. This statistics is about marriages and divorces between Japanese women and non-Japanese men.

International Marriage and Divorce(JW)

Divorce rate of Japanese couples is 34.7%.  Typically it is said international divorce rate in Japan is very high, but the statistics shows it depends on nationality. This is interesting. Every couple will not marry to divorce, but you should know this and learn how to succeed in marriage with Japanese women before you marry.

Let me tell you why international divorce rate is high next time.

After posting of Travel Ghana

Hello everyone, I am Ai Sasaki, a Japanese financial planner and a matchmaker.

I had been absesnt from posting for two weeks after posting travel Ghana. I was very active and busy for works outside, financial consulting, consulting men who want to marry or mothers who want to let thier children marry, making presentation sheets for a seminar for activities leading to marriage, making my speech script for Toastmasters Club, ect. I have many kinds of work but thoes are related works and I am a multitask worker.

I had only few chances to communicate with my partner in Ghana last two weeks because both we had been so busy. We began to communicate again on the phone 3 days ago. I feel our hearts became closer after the travel Ghana. I teach men/women how to communicate with him/her but I am learning how to communicate too through our relationship.

I will post one of what I lectured in the seminar last Sunday next time

Travel Ghana Last Day-I want you just the way you are

Hello I am Ai, a Japanese finacial planner and a matchmaker.

Today is the last day of my first travel Ghana. We didn’t have any schedules in the last day, we could just enjoy our private time. I wanted to go to the beach again. My fiance’s health condition was better and I expcted him to enjoy eating at this day. We checked out the hotel by noon and went to the Labadi Beach by taxi since we returned the rental car last night. My flight was at 17:30, so we had enough time to be relaxed on the beach.

We had less words but it was comfortable for us, felt free and just enjoyed looking at what people was doing on the beach. The beach in Accra had a different mood from Cape Coast but I liked it too. The sound of wave was the same.





We could enjoy eating. Fried rice and shrinp, was very good.


Why I went to the beach again is I wanted to hear the sound of wave again which was most unforgettable sound in Ghana for me and it is our common memorized thing. I was brought up in the town surrounded by mountains and used to go to the beach to swim in summer when I was a child, but since I grew up I had forgotten to enjoy my time on the beach for only reason that I don’t want to get sunburned. But now I love sea and spening time on the beach!!

After the time on the beach he saw me off at Kotoka International Airport. We hugged each other and kissed wishing to meet again and to back to Ghana together.

We got some business progress after I left Ghana and the process is still going on. Now we wish to meet on Christmas and a New Year in Japan. We have to complete one more business progress to make our wish!

During I wrote about the tavel, my fiance and I often talked about our business and us on the phone and I have noticed important things for marriage or long term relationship. Developing the business is our common ambition. Having something in common is important for couples, but accepting each differences is more important because keeping long term relationship needs patience. It is easy to take negative reactions when we find differences first time, but don’t change his/her nature or style forcibly, it takes time to be familiar to each differences.

Travel Ghana 8th Day-Want to know more about Accra and Ghana

Hello I am Ai, a Japanese financial planner, and a matchmaker.

Today is Travel Ghana 8th Day. Since I knew my fiance became malaria I understood we were difficult to be spend actively in Accra, but fortunately his malaria did not  become serious by first-aid and taking medecine. He had no more fever. I took care of him not to forget take medicine on indicated time. He became hungry but his stomach did not accept food, it made him weak.  He was worried about his stomach condition, then I advised him to eat little by little when he wanted to eat. I had not been fine for diarrhea too, so I just ate simple food to keep my energy like Roasted Plantain.


We stayed in a hotel in East Legon. I am looking at Accra on google map now and confirming the area where we stayed. He seems to be easy to live around East or North Legon in Accra. I remember he told me that he want to rent our office including living room & bed rooms around there because security is good and some foreign companies locate their office around this area, besides Accra Mall, A&C Mall and other local shops are close, I see we can get most things we need for living. I want to follow his idea. But I have one concern…..that is internet access and speed. Ghana is good in Africa but its environment is so different between Japan and Ghana and it has been one of my stress since I started communication with Ghana.

I wanted to explore Heart of Accra and wanted to see how the city is modernize, but I could not have a chance to go this time, that will be my fun next time. I had a plan to take my fiance to a Japanese sushi restaurant for last dinner of the travel and already found it before coming to Ghana. The name was SANTOKU, it was easy for us to find a location as it was close to Accra Mall.


I missed to take pictures of inside restaurant and what we ate. Interior design was modern, there was music let us to be in luxury mood. It was first time for him to come to Japanese restaurant in Accra. I found out he likes oriental mood. He tried some Japanese dishes with chopstiks and was satisfied very much though he still could not eat much, of course, I was satisfied too because I could eat Japanese food and love sushi . He told me that my smile came back on my face after I ate Japanese food. Feeding during traveling around Ghana was very hard for me, so I felt like I backed to Japan and became easy. I paid the most expensive money to the restaurant for eating in Ghana this time.

Recently I became a member of InterNations in Accra. That is an international network organization for expat. I don’t always stay in Ghana but will back and forth between Japan and Ghana, he will back and forth between Ghana and Japan, maybe sometimes back to the United States together, I imagine that our family life will start like this because of current each part of the work….

Travel Ghana 7th Day-Back to Cape Coast

Hello I am Ai, a Japanese financial planner and a matchmaker.

On 5th Aug. 2013, 6th day of the travel, we left for Cape Coast after the inspection of the land of Wawasi. I was so happy to stay in Cape Coast again because we could get comfortable and healing there. Since I visited to Wawasi, every time I ate I sufferred from diarrhea, so I was difficult to find food I wanted to eat, but I could still control my health.

I was surprised when I knew our company had a private security team in Wawasi, they were the Wawasi youth, two of them guarded us to the hotel in Cape Coast. I had a chance for having casual talk with them for a while. One said “We need internet access in the village to make our action faster.” One said “I have seen Japan just on TV but I want to go to Japan someday.” I understood they intend to corporate with us to develope their village but also want to satisfy to develpe their personal interest and knowledge. I hope they can do it.

In the morning of 7th day, I went down and walked on the beach of Cape Coast again. I was relaxed to hear the sound of wave again.



I backed to the room. This morning I knew my fiance seemed to get malaria! He could not wake up for high fever and chill. I worried if he could not drive because we would leave for Accra around noon and I had international driver’s license but I had never driven a left-hand drive car. I told him if it was hard for him to go to breakfast I would go alone. He had no appetite but did not want to let me go alone, so we went to breakfast together but he ate just a little. I observed his condition carefully and saw he needed medicine or a doctor, then, I told his condition to the hotel and ordered hotel resturant to bring “grated ginger, tea and brown suger” to our room. I wanted to let him drink ginger tea which is one of natural home remedies.

I could not make perfect ginger tea here but a matter was to let him drink ginger extract. It was better choice for him to back to Accra to access malaria medicine or a doctor but I thought I should give him first-aid to reduce fever and chill. A hotel man brought “dice gingers”, tea and brown suger though I ordered “grated ginger”, but I could not complain, I crushed “dice gingers” with a spoon in a cup and poured tea and let him take it and put a cold towel on his forehead. He began to sweat soon. Ginger tea was effective on him and he required one more cup of the tea, and took it and became more comfortable.

We left for Accra on schedule, but next accident happened. Our car tansmission did not work well between Cape Coast and Accra. We stopped in a few gas stations on the way and exchanged transmission oil. He put the car in low gear and drove slowly until arriving in Accra, it took 4 hours. I asked him to change the driver to me because I was worried about him to drive for his disease, but he did not let me drive. The accident might be good for him. I said to him ” God is protecting you. You have to drive slowly for the car condition” We went to a pharmacy to get malaria medicine as soon as we got to Accra. Mysteriously the car condition recovered when we arrived in Accra. Finally we got accommodation in the same hotel we stayed in first day in Ghana.

I often review how my feeling for my fiance has changed on our relatiobship since I resumed writing this blog. Reliable relationship is pile of honest behavior. We got over troubled water together many times until today. Every time we met with trouble water I felt like our faith was tested and they were chaces for each of us to know whether we are suitable spouse for each other.We have experienced a valley of life together but now I am feeling there will be a top of mountain only we can climb and our success of the business will be connected to happy life of our family.

When I think of him I always remember Cape Coast for our private place for healing. He told me he has the same feeling as me. Well, before closing today’s story, I want to upload one song, sung background scenery is Cape Coast. A singer is Alex Boye, I knew him first time and found the video on the site of Mormon Tabanacle Chior. The video expresses today’s my feeling well.

Travel Ghana 6th Day-Walk into the Land

Hello I am Ai, a Japanese financial planner and a matchmaker.

This weekend by Monday is national holidays in Japan, we call Bunka no hi, which means Cultural Day in Japanese. My son has gone to the camp as volubteer work and my youngest daughter has visited her elder sister to next prefecture. I have been alone for three days but I am working except Sunday. In weekend of November there are many matchmaking introduction meetings.

Now, today is Travel Ghana 6th Day. This was the most important day of the travel but my fiance had headache and fever from the morning, I let him take some medicine I brought from Japan, it was effective for half day. We had three schedules at that day, one was a meeting with the community chief, and second was inspecting the land we were going to invest, and third was a meeting with the Wawasi youth members. Our lawyer arranged everything for us in Wawasi.

The chief was appeared to us with his secretary and the community youth leader. The chief and his secretary were wearing tradishonal costume. My fiance has been close friends with the chief but I was nervous to see the chief for first time. A prayer was offered by the chief in the end of the meeting and we drank a cup of sake, Japanese rice wine, together. I brought 6 small bottles of sake as souvenirs, they helped us in this situation. I presented sake to the chief, his secretary and the youth leader. In Japan we present sake as a gift to important person in important situation. I knew liquor is important part for relationship in Ghana too.

After the meeting, finally, we walked into the land with the Wawasi youth members!! It was very exciting activity.

The land behind me with red flag is we are going to invest.


I am standing in oil palm tree forest. The land is full of mineral resources and oil palm trees.


I have stone with gold deposits and oil palm nuts. Some stone is deposited with diamond and other minerals. Oil palm nut is a ingredient of vegetable oil, sap of palm trees furnish palm wine.



We walked deep in the land.

We arrived in a small palm wine factory and drank fresh palm wine. It tasted like sweet sour.



We went down from the land and had a meeting with the Wawasi youth members. I posted that in my last post.

The land is so rich!!